International Research Conference

The conference will take place May 4-6, 2022.

Academia Europaea HERCulES Symposium: “The Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions”

International Research Conference:
Uppsala University, The Humanities Theatre, English Park Campus 

The conference will take place May 4-6, 2022.

During the past thirty years or so, the internationalization of higher education institutions has become a very significant issue on the agenda for policy-makers, academic leaders and researchers. Against this backdrop, it is timely to look closer at the conditions for internationalization and its effects. In so doing, the symposium will address questions such as the role of universities in a global world, international rankings, the mobility of ideas and students, costs and returns in internationalization as well as international branch campuses. An expert panel discussion will conclude the symposium, which is an Academia Europaea HERCulES event.

The conference is organized by The Academia Europaea HERCulES group, HERO – Higher Education as Research Object, and the SIHE – The Swedish Centre for Studies of the Internationalisation of Higher Education, with the financial support of Åke Wiberg Foundation and the Department of Education, Uppsala University.

Venue: Humanistiska teatern, English Park Campus.

Contact: Johan Boberg,

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